13 март, 2013

I (don't) matter

I thought we were done with all the labeling. I get it quite often even if I don't deserve it. I get to be the crazy person most of the time. My opinion is not valid, it doesn't matter. I get no respect, no matter what I do. I'm never good enough. I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm wrong all the time. How would that make you feel?
I want to run away too. Like half the time I'm planning to do so. But then again, will I let that define me and hold me back or will I be optimistic about it thinking that I can't really go any lower? It's a pretty ugly thing to say or to make someone feel like that, as a matter of fact.
I may fail but at least it will be all on me. I may ... Screw is all up, but if things don't change they will do the same for themselves. Can a person really care about you if they don't appreciate you, your opinion and your personality? Can you let that person around if it would make you feel like you are never good enough to speak up for yourself?
Well, when I get to a proper solution I will post back. Until then all I can do is get better. Because as I said, I'm always wrong and my opinion doesn't matter. I'm not about to let that be true.

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