28 юни, 2013

same old story ever told

Ирония, ирония, ирония...
Казвам аз, че не искам повече никакви съвпадения и БАМ - поредното! При това във формата на песен, докато си издирвам theme songs на WWE stars. Къде е връзката между тях и Аврил?
Anyway! You love pulling the rug underneath my feet right after I get confortable and steady, don't you? It's like olet's do this, no - I'll do that now, no again - it's going to be that other thing...
And then you are asking me the world's most stupid question - am I okay with this? As if I say I am not you won't do it anyway. You will. We've established that fact long time ago. You'd ditch me behind and go save the world just for kicks if it comes down to a choice. And then there comes the line "You will always be in my plans." Right?! The planes where you go look for yourself and I wait till you get back? I've done so. And this is strangely familiar to a past experience of mine.
Can I always follow you around just out of fear for that we have? No... Can I always depend on your choices, changing my plans whenever you feel like doing something new? That's not even close.
It sucks, you know... Being the one who is left behind whenever things don't match somebody's expectations.
You know, that's the only time when we get to pack up and go somewhere for the summer and find a job there and bla bla bla. Yeah. Except that when I wanted to do so, you didn't. And when there were traveling arrangements and your failed, I failed mine too. And now that I have no plans to go anywhere, you won't give your stupid idea for me. Then again, it's not like I didn't know this could happen. I've already put the exspiration date in a way. I'm just waiting for you to decide when you want to go somewhere where I can't follow. But... I don't want to follow this time. I want to stay. I want to be out all night and then wait for the bus to het me home. I want to sing every night at that karaoke bar of ours and have fun. I want...
And then comes my favorite question - will it be as much fun without you? Will all the fun be enough to fill your absense? So, I guess I'm following again. But hey, what's new? Things seem to be happening all over again over and over with me. We just change the date and it all begins.

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