05 септември, 2013

created and crushed

I'm in the mood for some art and creativity and there is nothing wrong with me to provoke it. Inspiration obviously awakes some unknown desires to express myself in more than one way. So I'm thinking of painting, or something else just as creative. We shall see.
So the therapy moment came before the actual reason for therapy. It was ruined by some bonding time with my dad, though, which I enjoyed and missed for some time now.
And then I was reminded why being away means hell for me. It's the little moments that matter and show you care. Are they that little or are they hiding from me?
Anyway, хубаво е да си у дома сред хора, които те познават доста по-често от самия теб. Старите приятели, свободата да си говорите всевъзможни глупости и да си давате точки за най-добро попадение.
Освен това опитах с рисуването и се провалих... Нямах търпение да изчакам единия цвят да изсъхне, за да сложа другия. It still felt good though.

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