12 септември, 2013

darkness within

And the stupid story made me cry. Because Joey called Pacey to pick her up after a crapy night and he finally kissed her. So I ask myself the same stupid question over again and I realise the answer. Well, usually when you wonder, there is a reason that proves you right to wonder.
I move forward when things are intense and hard. I do love the homey warm feeling, but my wild side is more dear to me and it need to be challenged on a higher level into crazy things like go somewhere in secret and be dead if you get caught. It's the do or die moments when I truly feel like myself and I can hardly remember recently doing anything without so much effort to make it feel pleasant for you. It can't be that hard to make people do things for you, especially if they love you. It can't be that hard to be supported. It can't be that hard to admit you're wrong even if you don't think so, just for the sake of us being okay.
I might have been mad and upset the other night, but I meant every word I said about taking some time off from all those stupid little things that drive me crazy, steal my inspiration and make me feel like never getting out of bed or solving my problems with alcohol and cigarettes.
So yeah ... I don't know about a click, but there deffinately was a crack. Let's just wait and see if I was too busy listening to broken promises to actually hear some previous ones.

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