03 ноември, 2013

It's a quarter after one

Well, not yet, but that's the soundtrack to my writing with a few more songs on repeat. I haven't written in a while nowhere and tonight I'm catching up with all of it. I feel like laying on a dead-end street and looking at the stars in a night where my breath comes out in white smoke out of my mouth and the cold night air enters my lungs in a bit of sweet intoxicating pain. You want more and you need more, but your body won't allow you to inhale too much because it would make you freeze and maybe even get sick.
Of course, I imagine someone bringing me a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket and a conversation following. That gives me ideas for writing. Art mood on!
This year I missed the never-happened hour and spent it sleeping. Halloween, on the other hand, was a success with my runes and my Shadowhunter look. Plus, I got my cousin to read the book (City of Bones, that is) and my mother to at least watch the movie, which she liked. My tweeting skills are improving and I feel like writing all night. I can't believe a spend a whole week without writing. I feel like I've been drowning till now. At least Teddy promised to kick me whenever I don't write even a day, so this should keep me busy.

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