03 януари, 2014

2014 - here I come!

The first post of the year should be awesome and inspiring. I've started a few but failed to finished them due to being way too dark and twisty to inspire anyone, let alone myself. Tonight I'm finally happy and inspired and wanting the world again. Yep, it has a definition. I want to be better, to write more, read more and to believe in myself the way others do. I've speared the last year post with all conclusions for the year. Basically most of my wishes failed and the best things of last year all start with T - Teddy, Tita ... okay and Tosho.
So, this year... Will be awesome, because we are awesome. Whatever happens, I can deal with it. It might be hard, but I've been through hell already and at least my coffee will never get cold when I end up there. And to be fair, I've had enough of my past. I'm more eager to think about the future and hope it is good to me and the people I love.
By the end of the year I hope I will have read at least 60 books, will have finished writing my second one and will have had awesome memories to keep me warm in the next winter. Today is the last day for me to be 20, so as promised I will be cheerful and grateful for all the lessons learned and hopeful for what is right around the corner. It's a new year but I'm not all new. I'm my old loving self which writes more than it talks, reads and falls in love with characters and does her best to show her love for the people that are in her heart.
I wish you all a good year, happiness and may the odds be ever n your favor.

3 коментара:

Lollidella каза...

Me loves you.. just saying xD

T. каза...

Хей, мъничко закъснял, но честит рожден ден (на малка патерица)! :) Напред вдъхновена, здрава и усмихната и да следваш собствените си пожелания уверено!
И да върнеш "Happy Birthday to Me!" ;)

`Ем каза...

Me loves you too, Titi <3
Благодаря! Дори не знам как съм го махнала този пост - веднага го връщам ^^