31 януари, 2014

education is ruining my life, it seems ... or vice versa

It turns out that just when I have so many things to do, my ideas start begging me to let them out and make me unable to focus on the things I'm supposed to be doing. Damn it! Education is ruining my inspiration.
I forgot to mention my new hair-style idea. I'm planning to dip dye it purple or pinkish red in order to properly celebrate the end of the exam session and being part of a new group. I love doing something to my hair every now and then and basically ruining its recovery, but this time I am only damaging the already damaged part of it.
Well, I am off to try and memorize as many words as possible and maybe practise a dictation. Fun stuff! At least my day started with my new favourite TV show.
I think exams should be at night and work should be at night and during the day people should get to sleep. I can't do anything productive before 3 pm. and I can't go to bed before 3 am.
My life is too short and I should not have to be surrounded by idiots if I can help it. It's as simple as that.
I also need to find some new inspirational pictures and music. Not that I am trying to put off studying or anything. I am going to study right now ! But I might as well write another post before I go to bed. Sleep will not be coming very easy, since I am excited to get it over with the first and the longest exam and have one less thing to worry about. Okay, I'm out now.

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