23 януари, 2014

Information overload

I haven't slept properly since maybe five days. My days go by in between the things I have to write today and planning the ones I have to write tomorrow. My hair is a mess, my bed as well, my mind needs me to stop and give it some time to recover from the information overload I am putting it through and I don't even have time to do that. This is me doing my best, so it comes with lots of issues. I love that word - issues!
Lately, I've been so hooked up on Uni stuff that I can't even sit in the bus and read a damn book. I just listen to the music coming from my headphones and try to keep my eyes open. Sleeping on the bus is not appropriate, no to mention comfortable. Well, depends who's sitting next to you I guess and will you invade their privacy by using them as a pillow.
I can't even say I enjoy all this. I mean, I do. I was born to do this. I don't mean the being tortured part. I mean the part where I do whatever it takes to get all things done. Complaining is part of the process, so thus the need to write, even if I still didn't have my breakfast and cappuccino. And I need to see people and have my mind torn from all the stupid stuff around me but I hope tomorrow will be that day. Well, so I can use the weekend for more studying and worrying, I guess.
I'm scared to actually say "is that all you've got"", because I've done so before and it turns out that I ain't seen nothing yet. Well, I have half an hour to eat and drink my cappuccino, so I better get going.

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