31 януари, 2014

inspiration has a strong hold of me

I'm headed for one hell of an exam session, starting with my first and longest exam on the first of February. I'm still not done reading the last of the TID books, I have so many things to learn and do, that I can barely make plans to see my friends. And yet I had to find myself some new TV show to watch. I mean the "Carrie Diaries", which I thought I would hate since I'm not a fan of "Sex and the city" but it turns out Carrie is kind of awesome when she is sixteen. Plus my other obsession "Reign" is an adventure of its own. And I am planning on starting to watch "Teen Wolf" after the exams. I've also marked a bunch of movies, lots of books to read... All the fun in the world at least the way I picture it and yet tomorrow I have to study and not watch my super fun awesome new TV sh
This studying better be worth it, as I said earlier to Teddy. I hate giving my best and I almost never do so, unless it's on my writing, so SU should feel special now. 
Also, I'll be in Teddy's group next semester which is something I look forward to. Okay, we might skip a few lectures, but we read from our kindles when we have lectures anyway. I know. Kids, do not do this in your university. For us being lazy and obsessed with books we will pay in just a day when the exams begin. But, I mean really?! Phonology and phonetics teaching me how to be lazy with my speaking and skip almost every letter of a word? I'm speaking English, not French! And I have been trying to improve and complicate my way of speaking, not ruin it completely and sound like a lazy ass idiot. With the rest I seem to not have that much problem dealing with. Morphology is a pain in the ass, but I get most of it. Poetry sucks. I was never a fan of something that can have more than ten meanings. Plus I am a fan of more words. The more the better! 
Here I am, talking about studying. The point is... I am inspired and there are so many things I want to do but I am putting them aside for the greater good of having an education. I will be back soon to complain, so this is my last happy moment for the next month. It feels good to not be able to stop laughing even though you will wake up your boyfriend who now hates you for keeping him awake at 2am. in the morning. Not you. Me. And he ain't seeing nothing yet. My favourite time is 4am. after all. But I will not tell him that now in case he takes my kindle away... or my laptop... or both! Nah... he probably refuse to go buy me food at least. It's a good thing I can make the puppy-dog eyes.

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