07 февруари, 2014

everything is so distracting

After being lazy the past couple of days, today I really must learn as much as possible about morphology, even if I hate it. Yet my day started with making breakfast and listening to music, which I so want to do instead of studying.
I also found even more books to read this year. Too bad now I don't have the time or the sanity to do so. It's not my fault everything is so interesting now that I have to study. And the weather outside is perfect for a walk with a friend. And talking about interesting stuff.
I should follow my boyfriend's lead and actually step away from the laptop. And stop singing and wanting to listen to music. It's like taking my coffee right after I made it, but okay, I will become responsible again. Tomorrow is exam day again and I must be prepared. If only I could blink and it could be tomorrow and the exam is over...
Well, it's never that simple so I better start studying.

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