01 февруари, 2014

freak out - it's exam session

Yeyy, exam day is here. Well, okay... It's in like 9 hours, but I am excited about it. Or more like wishing it was over sooner than later. Yet, instead of studying hard I just revised everything and I an hoping I learned more than I think during the semester.
Ideas are making me dizzy already and I really need to focus. My mind already needs a vacation and the exams haven't even started yet. And oh, I got my phonology assignment, which is going to be a lot of work and thinking. Don't teachers know we have like six exams to worry about and we do not need more things to do a night before the first exam?! Too bad they won't let me listen to my music during the test. I have found it way easier to concentrate while listening to good music, instead of the silence in the room. It's like the tension is even more obvious and breathtaking.
Well, new month - new adventures, I guess. Damn it, I hate how quickly time is moving when a new year begins. I like being a second year and it's going to be over before I know it. I guess my inspiration comes from Carrie and her inspiration to be a writer. If only things were working out for me the way they are for her. But then again, the harder it is, the more you enjoy it. I hope!
Now I should really go to bed and revise the words one more time. Plus my awesome boyfriend is reminding me that in order for me to be awesome tomorrow, I will need some sleep. Wish me luck and may the exam session begin. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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