05 февруари, 2014

In need of fiction

From good to bad - the usual stuff around me. One day I get an excellent grade in Russian and the same night I find out that they are cancelling my new favourite TV series - The Carrie Diaries. It's about a young writer and it teaches people so many things from being responsible and making difficult decisions when you have to, to what friendship truly means. The characters are awesome, the actors are awesome, the writer is awesome! They cannot be stopping it! At least I have twitter to freak out to about it.
I think having four more exams still sucks but it is good that I'm done with the first two. I would feel a lot more relaxed if I didn't have an assignment to write instead of preparing for those exams, but every teacher believes their subject is the most important and here we are.
At least I have all the materials for the Modern Literature exam. Learning them is another question to which I refuse to answer. And I actually write my phonology assignment, tough I am not sure what to do on one of the questions and if it is even correct. 
People are reading books, while I cover myself with study materials. I am so living in the world of fiction once this exam session is over. And I am never getting out. 
Information overload all over again will be an interesting experience. Now I am following Teddy's advice and going to bed, because she needs me alive. 

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