11 февруари, 2014

one step closer

I've been collecting quotes and pictures for the time when I am free to enjoy those kinds of stuff. Right now my mind if too focused on boring exams and I cannot properly enjoy anything, so I keep it safe for the time when the exam session is over. Books and TV shows and all those awesome things will be my reward for the hopefully good job.
Well, lately I've been lacking inspiration thanks to stress and exams, so I've spend the last few days playing pointless games and watching Grey's Anatomy for the hundredth time. I find it strangely relaxing, probably because I already know it too well and almost nothing can surprise me. But it's the almost that keeps me still watching it over and over again.
So far so good, three exams down and three more to go. I'd say wish me luck, but that means I'll get the hardest topics, so I will keep being optimistic and prove that I can handle it. Because I can. I was born to do this. If only I wasn't such a lazy ass. Well, I'm working on fighting it, but nobody's perfect.

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