23 февруари, 2014


There's melancholy all over me. And I'm tired. But happy in a weird kind of way. One last exam, one last day of pressure. Suddenly that song appeared in my mind out of nowhere. "Dawson's Creek" is making me stay up late and enjoy every second if it. After yesterday and the morning I had, I could not think my mood can get better in any possible way. And yet when I called him with the intention to blame him for not being here, everything sort of faded and somehow things righted themselves. By that time tomorrow I will be having fun with some friends because I've decided to reward myself with a girls' party. 
My rewards are many and I will be spending next month on them and enjoying every second. And Callie or whoever said it, because I never remember the exact quote, just the meaning... Well, whoever said that you don't care so much about winning, as long as you just cross the finish line, was right. I just want this exam session to be over, so I can get back to my social life, enjoy some quality time with my friends and have fun. And I have a book to write, many to read and finish a script, as well. 
Above all, I want to go home and spend some time with my family, taste the newest cake my mother knows how to make, watch some movie with dad, hear some of grandma's stories and tell grandpa how I kicked my exams' behinds. What my efforts prove is that I can do it all. And also, SU really knows how to suck out all the life and inspiration out of its students. But I was born to do this, I guess... Working hard, being great, doing my best. 

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