01 февруари, 2014

What if I'm a princess on another planet? And no one on this planet knows it?

I've been lazy the whole day after the exam. Ideas are fighting each other in my head, my mind desperately needs rest and I have a thousand more things to do. Yet people decided to reward my laziness with lots of fireworks. And the show I am watching is getting even better, tough I would like to see Kyddshaw together eventually. Broken characters are my favourite. And Jem is my only exception. 
Complaining part - the exams was too long and too terrifying. Of all the words Teddy found, only three were on the exam and the grammar part was horrible. I am pretty sure most of the subjects exist just because some crazy scientist decided to create a science on their own. Or it was simply created to torture students with. Well, I survived, hopefully with success. And after a few more episodes and hours of being lazy I will have no more episodes to see and I will be forced to write my phonology assignment. Or my awesome boyfriend will hold me to my movie date idea for tonight. 
Well, it will be an interesting night. One of many where I will have to fight the urge to quit studying and do something fun.
ps. Why are my characters so real when I haven't slept properly? It's like I can almost hear them, feel them, live through them. Writing is also my escape from reality, I guess. I love them the most when I can feel them breathing. It is as if I am breathing too. And the air has the scent of Riley's soft breath, mixed with the bitter-sweet perfume on his neck. I can also smell something burning on the background, or is it within him? Could it be the fire in his heart as he once again breaks himself trying to do it all, protect everyone, sacrifice himself. Yeah, he is that real to me. 

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