24 април, 2014

randomly inspired

I am supposed to be rereading my presentation that I'll be delivering in less than two hours, and yet here I am, smelling my hot coffee and wanting to use my words and leave them here. I am going to need them for the presentation, but what I have to say is never supposed to be heard, just read. And there is something so inspiring to fill your Kindle with so much books, which is what I did last night. Now all I have to do is find the time to read them.
Apart from that I can hear alarms and stop signs all around me, because things are good and when things are good, it means something really bad is on the way. It could be that something changed for the better, but in my book, it is never the case. So I am just warning myself of the possibility of things going to hell yet again, which at this point should be scaring me a lot more. But I have books to write and read, so I am enjoying whatever comes my way and if things go to hell, then I will have things to write about. It's all about the experience... The writer in me loves being broken time and again.
Well, I will be rereading my presentation, because there's a panic attack to be dealt with if I don't. Yet another moment where I wish I could go forward in time where my presentation is already over and I'm breathing with relief and a smile on my face, glad that it is all over.
Have a great day despite the bad weather because there's a cup of coffee with your name on it somewhere, and a good book to lift your spirits if someone dares to piss you off. :)

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