16 май, 2014

Farewell to Cristina

Warning: This post contains spoilers, so read on your own responsibility!
Yet again I'm crying and laughing after watching the season finale of Grey's anatomy. That show has been such an important part of my life because whenever something goes wrong I love escaping between the walls of the hospital and share some of their greatest or saddest moments and forget about my own. Other times I simply miss the show and watch it over again to a point where I remember most of the patients, what happened to them, what songs were in the episode, I can even tell the lines with the characters. Shonda Rhymes may be cruel in the way she tortures her characters but I can't not thank her for creating them and making them all that great. And Cristina and Meredith and Alex were always my favourites, so I am so sad to see Cristina go and yet so happy that she got what she deserved for all the hard work and the things that happened to her. Stepping in for Burke and finishing what he can't is just the perfect way for her to continue her career. And I especially loved how she told Mer not to be a hero and out her hands in a body cavity with a bomb in it and then how she told her to mock Alex so he doesn't become insufferable and to take care of him and Owen as well. I am a bit sad for how she said goodbye to Owen but I guess anything else would have killed him. Best moment ever is after the dance party, when Cristina told Meredith that she's the sun and made her realise what she needs to do. I am all for her and Derek, but he has that God complex that Burke had before and I'd really like to see him watching the kids while Meredith makes some ground-breaking research and cures some disease or something. And the finale... Really ?! I'd never been able to guess that Meredith has another sister who is the daughter of Ellis and Richard. Damn, that will be good.

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