18 юни, 2014


There is some magic in coffee. It turns even the hardest mornings in a little bit of bliss. Not that my mornings are that hard, but I've learned to have my coffee with some milk to soften its taste like reading, writing and music soften the edges of the way my life is going. Yes, melancholy is all over me again! One of my favourite TV shows goes with the right song to match it. 

I still have a lot of things to do, a job to find, exams to take and hopefully pass. Asha is really the life behind it all, because if it wasn't for her biting me and chasing me around the room every now and then and then sleeping beside me like the cutest little thing she is, I would have gone insane. Well, more than I already am. I needed something new to inspire me. Who would know it will be grey and purring like its life depends on it. Seriously, she purrs all the time, even when she bites. 
And after I've had my bliss of coffee, playtime with Asha, listening to music and writing, I guess I better go hang out with the textbooks for a while if I want to pass my exam tomorrow. 

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