09 юли, 2014

rain on me

Who would know that my quitter of a boyfriend would be the one telling me not to give up since he loves giving up on things every now and then. Well, I am sleep deprived and even coffee can't make me function properly.
Oh how good it feels to see the weather reflecting my mood so perfectly. Please, be outside my dear people I hate, so you can get soaked in cold water and scared by the lightnings. There was never a time when I needed it to rain more than today, I guess. And it so did. Plus, the book I am reading in peace thanks to the storm outside is awesome. Oh, and yes. I can finally have some peace and quiet to read and not even listen to my music in order to escape reality. I love this reality. It rains so heavily and so perfectly, every single drop falling with thousand more in perfect synchrone.
Yeah, I know. There's been so much writing about the weather. There's even this psychological thing where a person reflects the weather and is sad when it's raining and happy when it's sunny. But the rain makes me happy, along with the wind and the lightning.

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