14 август, 2014

the taste, the touch

New look of the blog, soon new look for me, my room and everything else. I am starting to surround myself with dreamers again, whose dreams may be just enough to make me believe in magic again. After only a few hours of sleep I still don't need coffee to keep me awake, because I have inspiration.
I miss Fia. Reading about her made me feel slightly better knowing that I was not the only one so broken that I keep tap-tap-tapping without her reason to do it and I most certainly doubt fixing me is possible. But I will fix myself and I will write it all away. I just need to be reminded that I can do it all every once in a while, because things suck way too much for me to be optimistic and happy all the time. Well, this could be improved. But it's not something I want to mention until there is something to mention. 
And waking up is getting quite better and easier. I don't need convincing that this isn't happening and that I have gone completely insane. Not that I am not planning on exploring my insanity with my dear Terry but that is way ahead in the future. Time is what I want. Time to pack all the stuff I don't need, to put all the memories in boxes, to think about it until there is no possible thought, to learn what I have to for my exams and to relax, because I'm 21 and I have all the time in the world to worry and go crazy. Above all, to write. Because then I'd be my best self, leaving all the scars on the paper and healing myself in the best possible way. Yep, there is nothing like art to fix a broken heart. And my dear, I'd love all your craziness and I'd most certainly want as much of it as possible, if only I had the chance to have it. 

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