14 август, 2014

until strong is all you can be

When life sucks, writing comes to save me. My mind has been full of ideas lately and now seems to be a good time to let them take over me. Yes, insanity, please take over me. I am sick of drowning in my own sleep and finding it hard to deal with reality every morning. In fact, not only every morning but almost all the time I'm awake. And I need to fix myself before the end of september because then I'd have to be twice as awesome as I am now so I can pull it all off and get all the pressure away, so I can function properly between studying and working without actually losing what's left of my mind.
To be honest, I am starting to love this new chapter of my life. I am loving every single bit of being awesome just for me and no one else. I will write and I will have the world and it will all be great. Keep walking all over me, keep telling me what to do, keep pushing me, so I can push back and fight and remember just how strong I can be.

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