13 декември, 2014

I'll never ask for anyone but you

 We are both still in that storm, aren't we? Our storm. It feels so weird to actually write it and to be calm while thinking about it. The thing is, we are awesome when we want to be and we can be destructive as well. We proved it. We did hurt each other in many ways. But there is still that pull, that notion that we belong to each other in many ways. We get each other in a way no one gets us. Hell, I know what's wrong with you without you even being able to tell me. I am the one who brings comfort with my words, you do it for me with your presence. I'm scared and so are you, because of how horrible we were to each other. But that's not what we were all the time, that's how things get when life happens. We are both stronger than that and we find the most strength in each other. 
I get it now... What makes all of this so scary and why it felt like your world is falling to pieces as well. Even in your worst days what made you feel the way I felt was the same reason as mine. We can go our separate ways, we can find new people and try to fall for them, but nothing will ever burn so bright as to make you do the things we did. And no one will ever make me want to to them as well. You think we lose each other when we are together. You believe in a great future ahead and you fear that you will hold yourself back because of me, but I will never let that happen. You know that.
What makes people to want to grow old together isn't the promise of a great and happy life, it's being beside one another in spite of all the bad things that happen. And what you've given me, no one else can. Not the same way. With your hand in mine I can have the world and do better every day just because I see it in your eyes when you believe I can.
I should not be the one saying things, but I can't help but think about it. It makes sense now what makes you hold back. We did lose ourselves in a way. But I won't let that happen again. It's just that we can be extraordinary together, rather than ordinary apart. It is as simple as that.

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