19 декември, 2014

Whatever our souls are made...

Do you know what I love about our story? Yes, not past tense. Present. I love how we became both lovers and best friends at the same time. It was like we knew each other already. That's what I always imagined soulmates would be. People you meet and you don't need to know them to trust and love them. Well, you are that to me. Which is why I told you today, that I have a special place. It actually means that you do and that I'll always be there for you when you need me. Sometimes people screw up and they hurt each other. But there are people who no matter how much they hurt you in the past, they still make you feel alive like no one else. 
I do feel bad that I wasn't there today. I really wanted to be. But I do mean it when I say you can count on me. You said falling in love with me would be easy and the rest would be hard. I know what I want this Christmas - what fell apart the last. We are both adults now in many ways. We are different - better. I'm just saying that maybe things got so screwed up so we can realise that we still care about each other even after all of this. 
I'm just having a hard time not telling you things, so I really need to write them down. I'm still scared ans waiting for things to fall apart as usual. But I'm also counting on you to really be the boy I know you can be. You have all of me, is all.

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