05 януари, 2015


I love sleeping in your T-shirt. I can almost imagine you sleeping beside me that way. I love things the way they are right now. It's as easy as breathing and I'm happy. God, it feels so good to be happy.
Of course, it's January and I need to start organising my studying schedule, but I don't mind. I do need to worry about something normal for once. Or not worry at all, which would be my goal this year. I did waste a lot of time worrying last year and it has done me no good.
And I really need to add some more art into my life. I will start with some room decorations and inspirational thoughts. Collecting music and pictures is also a good idea. My weekends especially will be dedicated to relaxing in any way possible. He can join me if he feels like it.
Now I better get to the things I need to do till I still have time, so I can avoid worrying and enjoy the happiness that is still running through my veins.

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