20 януари, 2015

Okay, let's kiss

So, I have an exam tomorrow, but I can't seem to worry all that much about it. I have other things to worry about. Anyway, I just wanted to share today, as it was a day of collecting good memories and happiness.
Who knew that watching TV shows could be so fun. Almost like before, only better. I love our making plans to not really make any plans. It's all spontaneous as easy as breathing. I wish things could stay that way forever. It's so much fun and yet it's so ordinary.
I wish he could hold me every time I have to be strong. I wish I could heart his heartbeat, so I can calm down and be able to breathe again. He is a phone call away, of course. But the way he just knows what to whisper in my ear and how to be close and to let me handle things for myself. It's nice to know that you have someone special who gets so many things about you completely. Because he did, even when things were bad. He knew all of it. And I know all of it. I'm not saying we were right, but I understand. 
Okay, let's kiss. Let's listen to epic music and watch lame TV shows. Not that they are lame, but you get the point. Happiness is when you're doing completely ordinary things, but you feel good anyway. 
I'll have to be my own hero tomorrow. I hate that I have to be a hero every day. I really wish I could just stay in bed all day and enjoy the TV shows and the music. But I guess it's so much better to have that after a long day. I will be my own hero. I can be. All I need is that little faith that you have in me. 

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