02 февруари, 2015

beautiful dangerous

I can't imagine a better ending for January and a better beginning for February than being at a party on the balcony with him sharing a cigarette and having one of those deep conversations where we can talk about everything and tell each other anything. As far as soul mates go, you are it for me. You know that. And I am for you. It doesn't require some major commitment or anything. It's simply a fact. 
A girl as tall as me and wearing blue is calling my name and tells me they told her to come meet me. I love how your friends find me that special that they tell other people about me and that we'll sure like each other. I love talking to your friends and how they also do their best to include me, even when you talk about university stuff or something I have no idea about. And this slight playing that we had going with the birthday boy who hates his birthdays was so fun. I wish I could record every memory and then play it years later. I wish moments could be repeated but I guess they wouldn't be so special if that was possible. 
Who needs stars when the city is full of lights on the first night of February when it's raining but in my heart is warm because we used to be in the same room and miles apart and now we might be miles apart at times but it feels closer than ever. Not sure I said so in person, but thanks for trying to give me some fun perspective on my new issues. Also, for holding me tight and telling me I can hug you as hard as I need until I feel better. Just for being there for me not just physically, you know. 
I read this quote that a real woman can handle everything all by herself but a real man would never let her. I guess we are slowly turning into those grown-up versions of ourselves where we can talk about anything and everything, we can let all ghosts in the past and we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. 
We've had so many little conversations that night that at some point I was standing in front of you, looking at you and just feeling so happy that I have you back in my life. Yes, it took so much everything we've been through but you are the old you I will always love and adore. And every time you tell me what you thought I'd say or how I'd react to something I realize that I've changed so much. It's a good thing.
I had forgotten how good it felt a phone call to wake you up. And to have you check on me every now and then. Tricking me into giving you the bag because you thought it was too heavy. Did you really think I'd go inside without kissing and hugging you for a while before that? Never! I love us and our casual plans. I love knowing that if I don't call you will just because you're thinking of me. 
We even danced for a while without realizing it, while we were hugging. And the slow version of "It's my life" in the background and you finding me just to tell me to listen and enjoy it. Not just this one, but Taylor, Nickelback, "Cult of personality". You hear a song you know will make me happy and you tell me it's on. And I love how our taste in music isn't exactly the same but there are songs that we both love so much that we just start singing the lyrics. And yes, I like every song as long as you sing it to me. 

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