17 февруари, 2015

everything is alright with you here

It's adorable how you would wait for me to start reading my book so you can look at me in peace and come up with a good way to distract me. Then you'd tell me all about your day in that really excited way that I love so much. I love lying in your lap and reading a book while you're busy with paperwork. And then, when I get sleepy and cuddle beside you you'd keep doing your thing but your hand would gently caress me. 
I love falling asleep in your arms while watching something. Because when it's over you start kissing me gently and talking in a low cute voice. And how I'd distract you while you're busy and you'll start telling me to stop and then you'd realize I'm giving you chocolate and immediately change your tone. I love it when you're jealous that I will be going out. I love how you tell me everything without me having to ask. I love when you've had a really long day and you're barely awake but you come anyway in the cold night for those fifteen minutes when you'll tell me about your day and I'll tell you about mine and everything will be right in the world somehow. 

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