08 февруари, 2015

say it ain't so

Why sleep, when you can be out there being a hero?! Well, I was. Three nights in a row I've been falling asleep around 4 or 5 in the morning. The first night it was because I went out and then stayed chatting with friends. The second I had exam and was worried. The third I was supposed to go to bed early after I watch some lame movie with him but he called and offered going out instead and I figured I might as well try being a hero yet again. I was.
Of course, the first ten minutes are always scary and take up most of my bravery but it's good that he is there. He's asking me how to help and to make me feel better. It's my fight but he wants to fight it with me. Then other people are coming and I'm hugging and kissing him and it's all fine. We talk about songs and singing and he wants to sing a surprise song for me. One where his voice comes loud and clear without the music messing it up. Then the song starts and I realize it's not just the singing. The song is special for him in its own way. He usually sings with his eyes closed, but now he's looking at me, letting the lyrics speak for him. There's magic in all of this, you know...
Then it's another surprise. Next thing I know is he's calling me on the stage to sing with him that one song we used to sing when he was working as a DJ. He keeps telling me I'm awesome, cute, beautiful and his eyes, green as they can possibly, are shining as he watches me smile. Before I know it the night is over. He's keeping an eye on me even when I'm not around. Then he's holding my jacket for me and helping me get dressed. We go home laughing at it all and when I joke about the star he gave me, he says it's all coming to him in the moment. It's spontaneous and he feels like he should do more. If only he knew that when you don't plan and think about it, then it's as real as it can possibly be. 
And there was this moment earlier where after a song he'd come and I'd be hugging him and being as happy as I can be.
-Ой, тя ме обичала. 
-Не никога. Изобщо не те обичала.
-Обичала ме.
Нямаш право да знаеш, че й да го заявяваш толкова щастливо. Oh well, it's no news, I guess. 

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