24 февруари, 2015

the fire within

I'm tired as hell and should be sleeping already because I must get up in almost 7 hours, but it's been such a great and exciting day that I need to note it somewhere. I spent eight full hours in the university and had fun in each class which hasn't happened in a long time ago. The lecture was very interesting, the seminars were surprisingly good and entertaining and for homework we have to read literature and watch movies so how can i complain. 
On top of that he tried to surprise me earlier but we missed each other for some few minutes. Still he did surprise me with a present - a candle that smells like my summer sunscreen when we were in the seaside, happy and in love. He even did that cheesy thing with his cute voice. We also created the event for their concert and he was my rocking chair for a while. I'm drowning in happiness. He got so excited about playing me this intro for the concert and also he has enough pictures and videos for the event but he said he will pretend not to, so I can go on a rehearsal with them and take pictures and make videos. He even got excited about it. 
I hate that time is running out so fast just when things are that great. I have so many little things planned for us. Some movies to watch, cooking him pizza, celebrating his name day or just cuddling in the afternoon. I want to be a time thief again and steal some more or draw another clock. Well no, not a clock but I do have some ideas for when the right time comes. For now I will simply enjoy the way he comes to help me clean up the dishes and gives me a kiss on the forehead because I made us dinner. I'm collecting happy moments and secretly planning on travelling the world myself. There is nothing like love, inspiration and happiness to give you strength I guess. And I got all three from just one person. Lucky me. 

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