05 февруари, 2015

where the fun, it got no end

Прекрасно е да се събудиш от телефонен звън, който мислиш за аларма. Още по-прекрасно е да ти кажат да си стоиш в леглото, за да те разсънят с много целувки и прегръдки. Прекрасно е да направиш кафе за двама и най-сетне леглото да не е твърде голямо, защото има с кого да го споделиш. Прекрасно е да ти свалят звезди, макар да са сини с усмивка и залепени за стената.
And yet again fate proves that I can't be living in my imaginary world as much as I want to, so I failed one of my exams. That is, of course, the one exam I thought I couldn't possibly fail. And it sucks, because I've never really failed an exam until now. I kind of have no desire to go have another exam tomorrow or three more in the days to come. I could really use a break from university. All I want to do is watch TV shows and spend time with him until I can. 
Yes, I know I can do this without him telling me I can. But I like it very much when he tells me so. I'll be a hero again tomorrow. Come to think of it, I'm always trying to be a hero one way or another. If only I had a superpower. Anyway, time to use his pen now and write in my new diary. I love it when he forgets things here. I also love it when he is around. There's just that something in the way he looks at me. Well, yeah. I might be reading too much into it. Going out last night and staying up until the morning really wasn't such a good idea. I'd say wish me luck, but the odds are never in my favor, so I'll just be a hero and do my best as always. And if that's not enough, I guess I'll try harder. Because I was born to survive and to be a hero and one failed exam sure as hell won't bring me down now that I'm finally starting to feel happy again and to enjoy life as it is. Things are finally getting back to normal. Well, my kind of normal. And I'm happy and I love it. And I will keep being happy no matter what. Because it's my damn life and I deserve it.

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