02 март, 2015

beautiful with you

You're hugging me with the same hands you were leaving marks on his skin before. I cannot for the life of me believe how can you still talk to me and pretend to be my friend and care after all of this. And then the way you were trying to talk to him and starting to insult him when he ignored you... Well that was pathetic. I can be wrong about people, I guess. 
Otherwise it was so inspiring to be on the rehearsal and hear them play and sing. I felt a part of something bigger even if I was only taking pictures for the upcoming concert. And later on, when someone grabbed the guitar and started playing and singing lame songs, it was so much fun. I really wish I could take pictures with my eyes sometimes and to be able to catch those moments of inspiration with all the colors they bring to my otherwise crazy world. This week was a marathon and there are fourteen more to come. He's right, I do need to take care of a lot of things while he's away.
What's even more inspiring is seeing him play the piano and sing that epic song. I swear I couldn't take my eyes off him. And then when he tried to play the guitar and immediately figured out what similarities it had to the piano, so he was able to learn some basic stuff for only a few minutes. I can hardly picture him not being good at something. 
My bed feels so big even after one night with him sleeping peacefully beside me and holding me.  I love having breakfast with you while watching some TV show and making us tea just so we can forget about it and drink it an hour later. And walking around the room just wearing your T-shirt makes me feel like a superhero wearing her costume. It feels like a second skin, like a part of me. I feel the same way when you're holding me. Also, hearing you sing to me that I'm "amazing just the way I am" is one of the cutest most cheesy things in the world. Yes, I can hug you tomorrow, because you're not going anywhere... yet. The rainbow and the stairs. Having the weekend all to myself and with hardly getting out of bed has been a dream come true. I will indeed do things right this time not because I have to (though that is true as well) but because we both know we can and I really want to. 

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