04 март, 2015

love the way you love me

I keep saying that I can't write about every our little moment of happiness and that they are not as special but then you do something and I just can't help myself. I feel like I should write it all down as if it will disappear the way you will in a few days. As if I can possibly ever forget...
You're so cute when you pretend to be a ninja attacking me while I'm going down the dark street. Then you laugh in your own cute way and you start telling me all about your day like we've been doing this all our lives and will never get sick of it. I love how we see each other every day, we talk, chat and we still have so many things to say when we see each other. I love how whenever I look at you, even when you're in the middle of your sentence, you lean close and kiss me before you continue with your story. You do it so gently and like a habit that it makes me want to send you away right now before I can realize how head over heels I am for you, or better yet to send you away so you can come back as soon as possible. None of those can happen. And I am yet to realize how much it means to me to have you in every day even for a few seconds and to have you call me just to wish me a good night and sweet dreams. I'm going to miss those kisses, you know. Not the passionate ones, though they are quite unforgettable as well. But I'm going to miss all the little things you do that come natural without you even having to think of them. Like that nose thing we have with the funny noise I always make and the way you laugh and that childish smile appears on your otherwise so serious face. 
You know, I never really thought a smile can light up someone's face for real. But with you it does. You have that one smile when you're happy, that other one for when you're enjoying something, another when I'm being ridiculous and you're loving me for it, another quite hidden one for when you're stalking me and you think I don't pay attention. I might as well say that I love the way you love me without even trying to. It means the world to me... All of this. Like it or not, we are a big part of who the other is. And I for one can't possibly bring myself to regret it even the slightest. 

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