29 март, 2015

one more night

Another good day worth mentioning. I got to finish all the things planned before the afternoon and I had plenty of time to be lazy afterwards. It's awesome when we both had an epic day. I think the spring is also helping for the good mood and the optimism. Also, I can't get rid of this awesome song and I keep singing it all day.
That was a week ago, but it's still true. I love how you're sending me videos so I can watch them even when you're not here. Especially for good night. I love how you love me, basically. And I miss you as well, but knowing that you're there living the dream and letting me live mine feels so damn good.
I never said it would be easy, all of it. But it's definitely worth it so far. Seriously, telling you how my day went and hearing all about yours is my favorite thing to do. Because if the day was bad, we're here for each other and if it was good, we are both happy and proud of ourselves and of one another. 
Sadly, these days I have weird dreams and trouble sleeping which increases the chances of 'i'm gonna die today' episodes. But I'm slowly dealing with it. It's going to take a lot of time until it's all gone, but I am no quitter. As hard as it may be, I will do my best to overcome it. 
In the mean time, finding why I love going to the university is a lot of fun. When you are prepared and you get to answer questions and understand what you're being told, it's one of the most exhilarating feelings in the world. Hopefully, my efforts will pay off unlike every other time I try to do my best and realize it's not enough. 
So basically, I have good days and bad days, like any other person. Only on my bad days I better avoid other people, because my bad mood can ruin a lot of things. And on my good days the world belongs to me. Also, I made an interesting decision the other night. I might as well do the same as queen Elizabeth. Only she had her country to marry. I don't. But I do have my writing. And I'd choose it any time if it won't choose me. All the irony.
What I wouldn't give for a night of movies and cuddling on the weekend... Hopefully there will be lots of catching up when you're back. 
Because when something happens, 
he’s the person I want to tell. 
The most basic indicator of love. 

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