03 март, 2015

our time is running out

I should be counting stars. Instead I'm counting days. You're calling just to confirm our plans and I can hear the smile in your voice as you say my name and want to talk more but you know I'm out with someone. Then you come and hug me for hello and we start kissing and just can't let go for a few minutes. I love it when you pause the show for me. It used to annoy you that I'd get up and pause it. Now you don't want me to miss a thing. There is something in that sentence there.
There's nothing better than having him hold me while I sleep. The way he kisses my hair and gently touches my skin while I'm falling asleep. Heaven would be nothing without him. I love the familiarity of it all. I can walk around completely naked or wearing his T-shirt with my hair a tangled mess, no make up on and basically looking ridiculous and he'd still smile and kiss me with that smile gently on his lips. And the way he kissed my nose when I told him my hands were both full so I had to press the elevator button somehow. You're so sweet when you're sleepy and your voice sounds like a purr in my ear. Then I put I shirt on so I can walk you to the door, you call the elevator and come back to kiss me again and again until it comes and then you really have to go. And it all comes so natural and as easy as breathing. 
I have this epic idea that I planned today a little bit and I can't wait to actually do my research tomorrow and turn it into reality. You inspire me and I'm proud of you. And I really hope you do find what you're looking for and you're not disappointed in any way. But even if you are, I'm still here for you. And I will be counting stars, days, nights, dreams, hours, heartbeats... Oh, I'm going to miss falling asleep to the steady beating of your heart next to me. But it's okay. Because if it's meant to be, it will be no matter what.

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