16 март, 2015

the world belongs to us

Sunday is good when I wake up in your T-shirt yet again after the morning is over. I have tons of things to do, yet I play a game and refuse to be bothered until I decide to be. And I got to see him today and bits of the room that is now temporarily yours. He even drew a picture of me when I'm sleeping which was the cutest thing ever. And he went all why when I send him a kiss. 
Well, I need to be a hero this week and every week from now on. Not that I didn't need to be so far, but it's a little bit harder in a way. Still, I'm no quitter, so I will be brave yet again. 
I can't really find the time for writing yet, but soon I will. I have all those ideas running in my head but I need to get rid of the other things. Also, I need to make a new writing playlist, which I sort of have ideas for.
We have this epic class English through Literature and we are given interesting texts to read and then answer questions. So this week's question was which book would you like to get into like really. And the two that came to mind were "Mind Games" and "Little Women". I find that weird and funny. One is totally carefree in a way, simple, easy to read, even boring every now and then and the other is the complete opposite - all action, secrets, danger, risks and intensity of the highest level. And as weird as it may be, I realize that it's so me to like suck opposite things. I'm a girl of contradictions. I love intensity. I want a simple life but full of greatness. I want a simple love, yet I find it boring and crave a little danger every now and then. I go from love to hate within seconds. Even my taste in boys shows my conflicting nature. Good and bad, quiet and loud.
He captures both sides of my contradictions. He is loud, he is quiet, he is calm, he is intense, he is good, he is bad. He was born to make and break me. I was born to love and hate him. And I love every second of it. It's like that poem "I paint my hell". I do everyday, by making my choices and following them. I choose to be brave. I will be choosing it every day. And I will be nothing less than brave and awesome just like you, sweet inspiration of mine. 

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