17 март, 2015

uptown funk

Another day full of happiness and positive emotions. It feels good to be a hero all day. My boy had a bad day, but he has many great ones ahead and he will be fine because he has me to always calm him down. Otherwise yeah, today was a good day. I need many more of those to survive the following four months. Good thing is I have fun and awesome people to be around. 
Also, I kind of wish I was a library person. I love reading, but I don't feel at home when I'm in a library. That is, I'm more interested in looking for books than just sitting there and reading. I'm hoping that will change these days. And I've been feeling the inspiration again today. If only I wasn't so sleepy yet so energized to be up because I have a lecture tomorrow and I need to go to bed. Well, going to bed is how every day ends, no matter how good or bad, but I kind of want to prolong the good ones and end the bad ones as early as possible. Hopefully the good ones will be more from now on.
I'd ask how do you capture a feeling but I already know the answer- writing! That, believe it or not, is the easy part. The hard one comes after that and it scares me just a little but the fear is just the clutch that tries to hold you back and turn your dreams to dust, as the song goes. So yeah, I hope you all have great days like mine and get more sleep than I do. 
If he was here now, he would have been to work and then he would have come to see me even though he's tired. He always likes seeing me and telling me how his day was. On good days we share smiles and on bad days, like his today, we would share hugs and I'd keep telling him it will all be okay soon because he is great. Well, now I can't hug him but he still knows that everything will be okay because he has me to tell him. God, I wish he could see himself through my eyes. 
She is telling me she always mentions her boy when she talks even to strangers and that people sometimes look at her like she's a unicorn for being so close to a boy. Finally, I'm not the only one. 

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