28 юни, 2015

friend zone

It's funny. I don't have a tag for you, I haven't turned this into a thing. I knew I wanted to, but I didn't. Sometimes I can find all the reasons in the world for that, but sometimes like tonight they fail me. I guess I always wanted to be sure it's over with the past, because somehow you and I deserve more than rebound. This is so wrong coming from me, considering everything right now, but I felt like I should be honest with myself at least once in a while. Point is, I guess... You're always there. The possibility that can still happen. I kind of like having it that way. I know how this sounds, but I can't help it. I mean, we already seem to others like we've been together for so long. And all the things we've shared, talked about. All the issues.
Then you're back to being a jerk and proving why it won't work. Too bad I can see behind all that and I know you're just hiding yourself. It's what we all do. And it's nights like that under the stars that I want to have. It makes me happy to be a dreamer again, even for a little while, even if I'm just pretending to be one. After all, pretending does half the job when you're trying to do something. 

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