14 юли, 2015

won't you come my way

I'm having a deja vu. Only it's not me being somewhere like I was some (wow) three years ago right before New Years' Eve when I was making my choice all day to just be friends until tequila and Enrique got the best of me. And well, you happened to me all over again sending my choices and my good senses to hell. I guess I am too much of a sinner to escape that same hell. 
The same choice is playing games with my head right now. I'm not pulling the plug. Not yet anyway. I haven't been making mistakes in a while so why not make some now. How can I say I want to change when I can't regret any of my choices. There goes my answer. 
Apart from the so-called mistakes of my existence it really was awesome to see a friend who knew the old crazy me that still had fire and couldn't be caught dead staying home for more than eight hours, long enough to get some sleep. I'm not the one dumping friends, love. They dump me. And who can blame them really. Sometimes even I can't stand being around myself (wow) and there is no escape for me. 
One good thing is I found some inspiration to finally sit and first edit, then keep writing my damn book. It's good not to have things to worry about, I guess. Plus, we've been having our little balcony party for five nights now and it keeps being awesome to just drink some beer, look at the stars and the planes, listen to some music and talk about whatever comes to mind. The way I see it, I still am pretty lucky to have that. 

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