07 септември, 2015


Последният път, когато бях толкова откачила от страх и нетърпение беше онзи в Приморско. Тогава знаех по-добре как да накарам нещата да се случат. Но пък кого заблуждавам? Твърде много ми пука, затова ме е страх да направя каквото и да е, за да не объркам нещо. 
And I managed to look like a complete idiot because I'm leaving tomorrow and I love holding you and gently touching your neck and seeing you close your eyes and enjoying it. You're perfume is now mixed with mine as I want to be mixed with you. I'm playing your game hoping to win. I've always loved the odds when they are against me. 
I got that smile and that look when you're around like the world revolves around you and I hate it, because I become a pathetic childish version of myself and I forget all about my awesomeness while I'm busy finding yours. You know, I just realized why the devil's in the details. Because only after you start noticing the small details about a person, do you actually find all their scars, demons and the little things that make them special. Like that memory you told me about your dad. Or like when you're telling me about something you read. I can lose myself in all that. I know I shouldn't, because it won't be that kind of a relationship but sometimes I really want it to be. 
People should really start giving me chances and should stop warning me. All the one's I've lost my mind on came with warnings so that might only make me act on whatever crazy and irresponsible ideas I might have. So, yeah. You're not responsible for my stupidity. I am. And also, you don't know how this whole thing might change your relationship so stop telling me how it can't happen. You're underestimating my awesomeness and trust me, it's as good as yours. You just need to notice the way I did.

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