10 септември, 2015


Твърде ни е светло, а принадлежим на тъмнината. 
It's been one of those days where the walls are too close and the air is not enough and I'm sitting in my own damn room. Well, at least it's over and I made my own plans for tomorrow. You are part of that plan, you know. Like I will be in yours. I'm not all that afraid anymore. I'm crazy anyway. I might as well enjoy everything while I'm sane enough to know what good feels like. Because at that rate I won't be able to remember soon. 
Good thing is somehow I always survive. Bad thing is the darkness leads me back to some really bad habits. I still have my fire, so at least that's something. And I'm pretty sure I was drowning again last night or something. All this moving around is making me unable to get a hold of myself. I need time to move a bit faster so I can be back in Sofia around my friends. Doing nothing all day makes me go crazy. And that's the last thing I need. Just in case I plan on coming clean about all my issues when I get the chance, so I know what to do when things get scary again. 
Yes, I still need to be saved sometimes from my own damn self. You did a very good job when you weren't an asshole and when I wasn't crossing lines. Can't we go back to that? You drew the line, I won't be crossing it if I can help it. But if you cross it yourself, there is nothing stopping me, you know. 
I want this. I want it so bad that it will happen one way or the other. It was always there and I was just too stupid or scared to act on it. Now I am. Meet me halfway already, so I can stop freaking out and let's just enjoy finally having each other the way it should have been a long time ago. 
And you just made my day as usual and without even realizing it! <3 nbsp="">

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