12 октомври, 2015

inspiration overload

Nights like this mean the world to me. I love talking about music and all the arts in general. I love people who are passionate about something and I love making them talk about it. That's as good as it gets, I guess. I inspired you, I hope. I haven't been an inspiration for anyone in a long time and it feels good when my opinion finally matters. Around my old crew so to speak it didn't. I didn't know enough and I was considered an amateur. Not that I'm not, but I don't think they ever gave me enough credit for the things I know. 
I wish it was always that simple, you know. Talking to you and hanging out. I want more but I'm okay with just that. Tomorrow will be a scary day, yes. But I may not drown in it, because tonight I made an epic memory which I will hold on to. 

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