01 октомври, 2015

star wars and stuff

I love how you din't get a warning about people leaving. They just do. And you have to figure out what you did wrong. When really, they were just too screwed up to begin with. And then you get screwed up. 
But the same goes for how they enter your life out of nowhere and you wonder how you survived a day without them there. The sunshines, you know. The ones that make you smile for no reason and you start wanting to spend every second getting to know them. I'm in trouble and I know it. It just felt special, the whole damn conversation, so I want to leave myself a reminder of it. 
Star Wars, comics, TV shows, music, art... I love inspiring people and he seems to be one of them. And I do need lots of inspiration to fight the darkness that is otherwise present at all times. I enjoy being a hero. Hopefully I will keep being a hero and it will get better and easier. Or I'll get better at handling it. With sunshines like him around me I don't mind. 
I was thinking how I used to love the extremities. The winter and the summer. The excitement or the total despair. Now I'm in love with autumn and spring, with the in-between moments. Taking out my winter clothes was an amazing experience. It's the first time when I actually enjoyed cleaning up. I smelled sweater after sweater and felt warm and comfy around them all. Plus I have too much clothes and I should start going out and wearing them. 
People are awesome. They scare me sometimes. They always mean too much to me and I get too attached but I guess that also makes them important. I can't even find the damn words when I need them. I'm just happy.  

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