01 ноември, 2015

must be November again

The world belongs to me and I belong to it. In a month I've managed to kick my insanity's behind to a point where it doesn't even whisper anymore. It's just a ghost (well, one of many). I met new people, I had interesting (and not so interesting, of course) conversations with dreamers, art people and random idiots all around me. I've reached out to some old friends, made some new ones and I'm being way too social on the expense of my time for studying which is bad but who cares.
I never even thought I'd be brave enough to stay out till the morning and dance all night. Turns out I was wrong. I was a hero yet again. I spent the whole night smiling at my own damn self because I made it this far. I'm slowly starting to get comfortable in my own skin again, finding my fire, my inspiration and accepting everything as it is without trying to change it. Whatever happens. 
That's how I ended up staring into his damn blue eyes and unable to produce a single sentence because I was too busy trying to find what was left of my common sense. I found it eventually but I'm in for losing it yet again it seems. Well, my life is a storm, so I don't really mind as long as me and my (in)sanity are in the newly established peace I've been getting used to lately. Losing myself a couple of times turned out to be exactly what I needed to find this new version of myself which I adore so much! This is how I remind me of who I really am. And this is the me people fall in love with. Well, some of them. Others are too busy finding themselves. 
I should be preparing for the last two months of the year. They are usually the hardest ones to survive. I hope November is good to me this year. And I hope I can keep being a hero. 
Three hours of sleep are no fun for my thoughts and emotions. Monday will be hell again but I survived and I feel like I'm on top of the world. Or I was at least. 

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