25 ноември, 2016

and this is how...

I don't think you would have called to say you're back. Like you never told me what has been happening in your life. And like you didn't tell me you were coming back in the first place. I wasn't part of the plan anymore. It would have made me sad under different circumstances. But I had my moment of remembering and then realizing how different everything is now... How much I've changed over the last couple of years. I got nothing to prove to you anymore. I did so a while ago. I'm glad you're finally happy and you've found the right person. And I realize that the one and only definition is quite wrong in many ways. I'll leave it like that because of what it meant to me. But we've grown apart and that's life I guess.
I'm glad I got to see you and I'm happy for you. I'd rather spare the goodbye part for now. Mostly because it was a long time ago. And the person I knew back then is long gone as am I from that time. At least I got the song and the little moments to keep for record. And that's more than enough.

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