02 януари, 2017

space is just a word

As a promise that this year won't be any less screwed up, I had a dream about him seeing the tattoo and asking about it. How do you explain to people that your tattoos are representations of your stages in life? Like ... It's really not you, it's me. Anyway, then there was a moment when we were riding a bus (because why not) and he sat real close saying that he's in for real. Then I protested because there is some sanity left in there and the moment was over. 
Then, as usual, I broke my promise and reached out first only to yet again be an idiot and complain about how every conversation starts with my idiocy and well, I shouldn't have said anything. The radio silence afterwards says it all. No, sunshine. You are not always like that. You used to find reasons to talk to me all the time. I'm just an idiot and attach too easily and fall for such crap. Well, I will do my best not to do it anymore. Radio silence is a game two can play. And this is so 2016.
Otherwise I did get to make some awesome pictures, including one of the fireworks, as little as they were. And I'm still sick and not sure if I'm going back to Sofia tomorrow. Plus my insanity shows every now and then and I'm hoping I get to fixing it pretty soon before it gets out of hand. 

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