04 март, 2018

him & i

Yey, finally an urge to write. Silence has me talking, always. So what if I turn out to yet again be the fool in every story. I don't mind playing my part as long as I get to feel whole at least for a little while. Being there, with you in the little warm room with the snow falling outside and the city lights leaving orange colors over the walls - heaven couldn't be closer.
Fifty shades fucked up does not even begin to cover all this. Who would have thought that running into someone in the elevator could lead to ...
To what indeed?
Well, finally something interesting. I was going to start saying how much I love this and that but love has no place here yet. Not this way. Could be thought. I didn't think so last week as much but I think so now. Yet it takes two as usual and I am only one. 
My room feels colder and emptier after spending so much time in yours, listening to your music, having you to cuddle with. It should be that simple but as usually it isn't. And when has it been with me around. 
I miss the times when everything was, in fact, simple. I can't exactly point to a specific time at that, but I'm sure there was once upon a time. 
At this point I'm not sure if this will ever even happen again. And should I do something about it in any case. I wonder if there will be a point in my life when I will no longer be excited about the things that have the potential to ruin my already unstable mind and settle for something easy and good. I will be bored within the first two days but maybe boring has its pros. Then again... Who am I kidding? I've wanted this from day one and made sure I got it. I might as well enjoy it while it last, however short that may be. 

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